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Alternative Drug Treatment Marijuana Approved

A traditional rehab facility treatment program isn’t necessarily for everyone. If it’s not how you want to go about your recovery journey, then you’re always free to try out alternative substance abuse treatments such as Cannabis smoking. We guarantee that this method will be helpful for Meth, Heroin, and Alcohol dependent individuals. Our facility boasts the latest and most innovative addiction treatment programs and sober coaching, with exceptional coordinators who can see to your or your loved one’s individual needs. Don’t think twice about arranging an appointment with our staff at any time. We’d be happy to assess your needs at your convenience. Simply dial 714-654-2325 or send a message to

  • 30 Day

    Alternative Detox

    Our one-month marijuana detox program will truly surprise you with incredible results. Give it a try today!

  • Top Marijuana Approved
    Rehab Center

    Non-State Licensed All State Recovery

    Get treated with the latest and most effective alternative addiction treatment program in the form of Cannabis smoking. Alternative Drug Treatment Marijuana Approved is more than willing to help you out!

  • Excellent Alternate Recovery

    From Heroin, Meth and Alcohol - Cash only 30 days of alternative recovery

    Reduce your dependence on highly dangerous addictive substances through our exceptional alternative drug recovery. A small price to pay to get your life back on track!

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Alternative Drug TreatmentMarijuana Approved

Don’t hesitate to direct any or all of your questions on the following matters to our most trusted sober coaches and rehab coordinators.