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Smoking Method Selection

At Alternative Drug Treatment Marijuana Approved, we get all pipes, bongs, joints and blunts from Ziggy’s Smoke Shop in the heart of Orange County.

Mission Statement

With us, you will finally find an alternative solution to your recovery needs. Alternative Drug Treatment Marijuana Approved offers 31 days of recovery using high-grade medical marijuana, therapy, weed mentors and R&R. This is the first in America’s only Marijuana Alternative Recovery Program.

CASH ONLY payments accepted.

  • Couples who sign up for the recovery program will stay in the same house during the treatment but in separate room accommodations.
  • We are a Pet-Friendly facility and will let your pet dog or cat stay with you in your room.
  • We have a range of medical marijuana strains from indicas, stativas and hybrids.
  • We have blunts, bongs, pipes, or edibles, if smoking isn’t for you.

Fill out our Marijuana Alternative form to let us know what you prefer! Get in touch with us today to be a part of the recovery evolution.

No NA/AA: Choose the Marijuana Way.